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Oh baby! The pregnant woman’s survival kit

posted by rachel | Latest news | 2 May 2018

Pregnancy. It can be a time where you feel beautiful, glowing and sexy. It can also be a time of weird aches and pains, agonizingly sore hips, swollen feet and raging hunger you simply can’t control. In fact, you can’t control anything about pregnancy and at times you may be very uncomfortable indeed, which is why a survival kit isn’t just nice; it’s downright essential. Of course, the items in a ‘kit’ may differ from woman to woman, but we reckon these are universal items every mum-to-be will be thankful for during the next nine months. Stock up now!

Heat pack. Whether you get a gel pack, one filled with beans which you microwave or those patches you can stick onto sore parts of the body, heat is your saviour during pregnancy. It’ll sooth sore hips, lower back pain, upper back pain, bump ache, neck ache, sciatica and even random pelvic pain you’ve never felt in your life (and never want to again).

Journal. Either an online blog, or just a notebook you can jot things down in. Chances are, you won’t remember any of it and it’s funny reading back over your pregnant experiences!

Maternity band. This stretchy piece of fabric will become your best friend. It can extend clothes you can no longer fit into (like jeans) and people will be none the wiser that you have a few buttons open. Or, you can pull it down over the top of leggings to cover your bum (and any dreaded camel toe)! Essential as your bump grows. Get several in different colours.

A poncho. It may not be the height of fashion, but if you’re pregnant over winter or in the cooler months, it will save you at a time when you can’t wear jackets, cardigans look strange and you basically just want something that drapes around you like a comfy, enormous blanket.

Body pillow. It’s long, it can fit between your knees and under your bump and in the later months, it is a godsend for any semblance of a good night’s sleep.

Maternity leggings. So incredibly comfy and easy to create stylish outfits around, especially if you have several super-long maternity singlets. Buy about a million pairs.

A yummy-smelling body butter. Painting your toenails may be out, but with a good body butter on hand there’s no excuse not to slather yourself with it – and your bump, too, which can get dry, tight and itchy. (By the way, if you’re intensity itchy and in the last trimester, get checked out; you could have a condition known as cholestasis which can be serious if not treated / monitored.)

Prenatal vitamins. Maintaining your health and the health of your growing bubba is essential in pregnancy. Mums need extra folate which can prevent neural tube defects. Don’t forget to check out our Maternity Formula, designed to be taken during your pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Panty liners. Ok, no one wants to talk about incontinence, but in the later months, when that giant baby is bearing down, you may well pee your pants. It happens.

A huge bath towel (or several). Normal-sized towels just won’t cut it when you’re hugely pregnant and it’s nice to have something you can wrap yourself in.

Snacks. Hunger when pregnant is like no other hunger. It hits like a freight train and must be sated immediately. So always have a healthy snack or two in your bag!

Have any of these things helped you during your pregnancy?

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