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Oh baby! The pregnant woman’s survival kit

Pregnancy. It can be a time where you feel beautiful, glowing and sexy. It can also be a time of weird aches and pains, agonizingly sore hips, swollen feet and raging hunger you simply can’t control. In fact, you can’t control anything about pregnancy and at times you may be very uncomfortable indeed, which is […]

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The importance of iron in pregnancy and while breastfeeding

Iron. It’s one of those nutrients that we don’t think about much – until we’re deficient in it, and when that happens, you know about it: your energy drops drastically, you may have headaches or lack concentration, people may comment on how ‘pale’ you look, and you might even experience dizzy spells. And that’s just […]

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Nurturing yourself and your baby

Pregnant? Our go-to guide for nurturing yourself and your bump

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for mums-to-be. It can also be full of conflicting information, confusion about what to eat and a mixed bag of challenging health symptoms – hello exhaustion, heartburn, leg cramps, morning sickness! It’s no secret that pregnant mamas often hang out for the first trimester to be over so they […]

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