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Integrative medicine

Why see a Naturopath?

Amanda Haberecht is has practiced as a Naturopath for over 21 years with a special interest in all aspects of women’s health from puberty to menopause.  She is the Director of Mygen Health as well as the Director of the integrative medicine clinic Darling Street Health in Balmain NSW.  Integrative medicine combines a conventional medical healthcare […]

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Fertility & preconception

Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture (which fits into a broader treatment approach known as Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM) has a proven record of improving fertility, both in China over many hundreds of years and more recently in the west.  Medical studies have provided evidence that acupuncture can enhance physiological processes relating to reproduction and fertility and improve IVF […]

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reflux tips for breastfed babies

What to do if your baby has reflux

As a new mum, you may have heard the term ‘reflux’ or ‘gastro-oesophageal reflux (GORD)’ bandied about at the hospital or your mother’s group. Regurgitating or bringing up a little milk after a feed (also known as posseting) is normal. But when it’s happening after every feed and becomes severe, reflux can be hard to […]

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Pregnant? Our go-to guide for nurturing yourself and your bump

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for mums-to-be. It can also be full of conflicting information, confusion about what to eat and a mixed bag of challenging health symptoms – hello exhaustion, heartburn, leg cramps, morning sickness! It’s no secret that pregnant mamas often hang out for the first trimester to be over so they […]

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Is it just sleep deprivation? Or something else?

You’ve got a new baby, and you’re knackered. No surprises there, right? Parenthood is amazing, but the sleepless nights and around-the-clock schedule can leave new mums with a bone-deep tiredness that you just can’t shake, especially in those early months. It might not even occur to you to question your exhaustion, believing it’s all just […]

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