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Mygen Health is an Australian vitamin and mineral supplement company.

Our formulas are designed to address the unique nutritional requirements at the various stages of your life.

Each formula provides for your health needs without compromising on quality, strength or cost.

The nutritional needs of men and women differ greatly and Mygen Health provides tailored formulas designed to effectively address these particular needs.

For those planning to conceive, Mygen Health designs and produces some of the best prenatal vitamins in Australia. Our fertility supplements are separately designed for both men and women.

Our products

Fertility Formula Female

Planning to get pregnant? Mygen Health's Fertility Formula for women contains vital nutrients for your wellbeing that are necessary for and assist healthy ovulation, hormone production and conception.

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Fertility Formula Male

Want to help your partner conceive? Mygen Health’s Fertility Formula for men is a specialised formula to support male reproductive health and improve fertility.

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Vitality Formula Male

Want to perform at your best? Mygen Health's Vitality Formula for men is a premium multivitamin designed to enhance your general wellbeing.

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Maternity Formula

Designed to be used by women during 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Our premium formula means that these are some of the best pregnancy vitamins/breastfeeding vitamins in Australia.

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